Visit to Brenzone in the deep blue of Lake Garda and the green of Monte Baldo

Brenzone is close to the hotel which is a summary of the fifteen districts, more or less large, where it is still possible a life "human scale". Along the coast of Lake Garda are Castelletto, Magugnano (where the town hall is), Porto and Absence. Just above, among the foothills, here Biasa, Fasor, Marniga (and even more about Field, a charming medieval village), Snitch, Venzo, Castle, Zignago, Borago, Well, Sommavilla. It 'a long series of small villages where tourist facilities (more than forty hotels, campsites and a dozen different residences) are immersed in ancient olive groves that dominate the landscape. From these same groves comes on board an excellent and light olive-oil. The intense blue of the lake and the green of Monte Baldo are the natural setting of the holiday. Time seems to stand still in the old villages and ancient paths suspended between lake and mountains. On the waters of the lake, pushed by the breeze, the sails dance performed by amateurs or by international standards that are at home here: This is rightly considered one of the best natural fitness for sailing and windsurfing. Brenzone is not only lake. It 's also mountain. One of its districts, Prada, is in the heart of Monte Baldo. Rise from the coast up there the paths traveled in the past centuries by farmers and foresters: it is fascinating to retrace those routes passing from the olive to chestnut. To then go on the heights with the lifts of Prada-Costabella and enjoy the show from the lake.


Events and sports

Brenzone means above all sailing: the local yacht clubs host major international regattas. Also very popular windsurfing. There are dozens of lake and Monte Baldo paths for hiking or mountain biking. In June there's the walk "from the olives to the daffodils." In winter there is skiing in Prada-Costabella. There is a spectacular Via Crucis on Good Friday on the trail from Castelletto Biasa. Many traditional folk festivals (Castle on 11 July, 16 August Marniga in Castelletto, November 25, in Magugnano January 20). A Field "music among the olive trees" on August 10.
Art and faith
In Castelletto is to admire the church of San Zen de Oselét, a small masterpiece of Romanesque (interesting frescoes). It is the same age the tiny church of St. Anthony, in Biasa. Very beautiful frescoes of the church of St. Nicholas, at the square of Assenza. In Castelletto is the Mother House of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, the religious congregation founded by Fr Giuseppe Nascimbeni, beatified by Pope John Paul II. The Parish of Castle preserve an image of the Madonna by many to be miraculous.
Itinerary N. 30
Sommavilla (m. 130) - Malga Brione (m. 942).
Time taken 2.15 - in reverse 1.30.


Trail mostly steep and gravelly. Recommended only downhill.

From Sommavilla you follow the track indicated by n. 654 Assenza from which rises steeply between the houses until the end of terraces planted with olive trees (at 0.30). You leave it where turned decidedly to the south to follow the left track indicated by n. 30 which leads into the forest. Later, the trail becomes more pronounced and was carried up the with wide out on the lawn (pylon) now in sight of the hut is reached Brione turn right (south, hours 1:45 to 2:15).
Itinerary N. 33
Brenzone Castle(m. 140) - Prada Alta (m. 990).
Time taken 2.15 - in reverse 1.30


Attractive route of ancient and steep trail.

From the church of Brenzone Castle take the small road up the hill beside the church itself (Via Prada), ascending the village, becomes cobbled mule track from the bottom, above the band cultivated and get to the Villa Perotti (m. 315) where unites to the itinerary. 31. Continuing with beautiful views of the lake, the trail then enters the woods, past the church of S. Pontare of Antonio (m. 431 - hour 0.45) where the route deviates to the right n. 31, and it's up higher and higher the small town Palazzina (m.642). At an altitude of 925 meters joins the trail marked with n. 34 that rise from Marniga and reaches a little further on the plateau of Prada Alta near the Osteria by Tano (1:30 to 2:15 hours).


Itineary N. 34

Marniga (m. 68) - Prada Alta (m. 990).
Time taken 2.30 - in reverse 1.45.

Nice tour combines the Mediterranean landscape along the lake to the pastures of Prada, touching ancient quarters, capitals and puddles of witnesses' intense economic activity that once took place on this side of the mountain along the ancient cobbled mule tracks that still represent the only means of communication. From the square Marniga follow the trail that starts passing under a flat face and then runs through olive groves to the south to touch the shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Help before going to the district of Campo (m 222 - 20 minutes ). From the church of the village (on the right path marked with n. For Fasor 31) leaving the trail rises quickly down the green of the olive and cypress trees to enter the group characterized by oak woodland and oak. We also meet the hornbeam and manna ash on the trail that now goes to wide zig-zag on the paving stones marked by the furrows of the slides (sbarusole) used for the transport of wood, hay, etc ... (where the slope is more marked, note the hooks fixed in the rocks with ropes to stop the descent of the slides). In the altitude range between 600 and 800 meters meet the temporary dwelling place where the forest gives way to grass and chestnut, and in which time he moved during the summer, the activities of entire families. At an altitude of 925 meters the trail joins the signposted. Marked with n. 33 that rise from Castello di Brenzone and reaches a little further on the grassy plateau of Prada Alta near the inn by Tano (2:10 to 2:30 hours).


Itineary N. 654

Assenza (m. 66) - Rif. Telegrafo (m. 2.147).
Time taken 6.00 - in reverse 4.00.

Long access route in the second half is very popular for its impressive natural features of the mountain (deep gullies, ravines, karst) and the characteristic flora that live in different environments of the mountain. From the square in front of the beautiful Romanesque church of Assenza (XIII century) up to Sommavilla the street that runs along the right side of the church (Via Ivani). Cross the town following the signs, the trail climbs through the trees and bends to the south (on the left path no. 30 to pasture Brione) touching Ca. Roccolo. Later through the Val Mezzana, tap houses Carpenare (626 m - h 2.00) and continues through the woods until you come out in the fields of pasture Zovel where you turn right immediately (without going through the pasture Zovel) to the road asphalt and follow it down to a bend Zovel highest (1,083 m - 1:00 to 3:00 hours). At this point you leave the paved road that goes for Prada and climb along the forest road that runs along the bottom of an old military trail in the forest of beech trees. It surpasses the grassy floor of the old milkmade Valloare (m. 1303-hour 1:00 to 4:00) and arrives at the base of a rocky step. Which skirts it to pass more than a ride on the left (this is the beginning of the variant a bit longer of main route, which reaches Forcelin, m. 1,689, and continues to zig-zag on the back of the ridge up to a return to the main path near the ref now. Telegraph). The climb along the main path, past the rocky step, still suspended in the valley that is the main outlet down the cirque above. If it reaches the bottom and climb steeply to the left to reach the military trail, high in the valley (the junction with the variant described above), and follow it to a nearby refuge Telegraph (2:00 to 6:00 hours).


Itineary N. 655

Castelletto di Brenzone (m. 67) - Prada (m. 940) - Bocchetta di Naole (m.1.648).
Time taken 5.00 - in reverse 3.30.

Long and nice tour from the shore of the lake reaches the ridge of Monte Baldo with varied and attractive through all vegetation zones on M. Baldo. You generally only covers the lower part in excursions departing from the lake (up to Prada) or only the upper portion for trips departing from Prada. From Castelletto di Brenzone up along Caves Road, first by mule and finally on the road to the center of medieval origin Biasa (d. 130) who goes back to the tallest houses in the village. Here the road again becomes cobbled trail intersects with the route marked. n. 31, and rise with beautiful views of the lake, above the band cultivated with olive trees. Later entered the copse of oak, hornbeam and ash, at an altitude of 450 crosses the new road which connects S. Zeno di Montagna at Brenzone (at 1.20) and continues uphill touching Ca Vicari (m. 534) and "indoor fountain" where a spring of water gushes out of the shelter once built a limestone slabs. Just beyond is the old district of the Ca (m. 634) now lies in the range of the chestnut. The last house of the district is following the trail left by that majestic chestnut coppice and reaches the plateau of Prada and the road in the Val Senaga sulcus (m. 1000, 1:40 to 3:00 hours). Follow the road right in the direction of S. Zeno di Montagna, and immediately after passing the station of the chairlift Costabella, leave it and follow the small road on the left in the midst of houses of new construction leads in the wake of the Valley of the bag that the path goes through the woods, and hazelnut some birch up to the beginning of the great beech forest that wraps this part of the mountain. As you climb you proceed on the path trails increasingly uncertain until it meets a bend in the beautiful forest road access Baiti Ortigara of where the trail joins the route indicated by n. 51. Follow the road to the left until you find a bar that closes the street after being passed through the huts Ortigara. At the height of the barrier will leave the itinerary. 51 (which goes beyond the barrier in the direction of the refuge Mondini) and turn right to reach the nearby church of Our Lady of the Snows. From the pond adjacent to the church the trail starts to climb with a long cross in the meadows, among the beech trees that gradually thin out, and reaches the military road Naole. Follow it uphill to the point where you leave it and follow the signs to reach the ridge to the nozzle Naole (2:00 to 5:00 hours).

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